Are you ready to take on FIFTEEN mud- and fun-filled obstacles?! We have all your favorites PLUS a few new surprises coming your way! See you at the Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 13th, Mud Runners!









Swamp Thing

Aqua Drag

Get ready for some good, dirty, ridiculous fun on our Tour de Mud through the 5K course!

The course will be designed to test your running, wading, jumping, climbing and balance skills throughout the mud intensive course! The multiple obstacles will be designed to provide a challenging and fun course for people of all ages!

Suggested attire and gear

A few things to keep in mind before you hit the mud…

  • Mud likes to steal your shoes via suction so please ensure that you have boots or a style of shoe that covers the ankle. Some participants will use duct tape over their running shoes to keep them on their feet.
  • Loose clothes will slow you down especially if you have pockets that will hold water and mud!
  • We highly encourage costume-wearing to make it even more fun!
  • A bag check will be available prior to the race for keys, wallets, cell phones, etc.
  • A change of clothes and a few towels for post race cleanup is highly recommended unless you are riding in someone else’s car…then don’t worry about it!
  • Please note: The Del Mar Mud Run is not responsible for any items lost on the course during the race, so please do not wear any valuable items (ex. jewelry).
  • Course Map subject to change and not all obstacles listed.

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